Wagyu Single Cow Burger Ground Beef, 1 lb

Product Description:

  • Our burgers are made from high-quality American Wagyu beef, meat known for its exceptional flavour.
  • The cows are fed a high-quality diet of corn, wheat, barley, and alfalfa. This diet ensures the flavour and tenderness of the meat for your next starter.
  • Use the Unique Cow Burger to make delicious meatballs. Get on top of the pasta or indulge yourself for a gourmet Italian dinner.
  • Our unique beef burger also includes premium cuts such as brisket, flank steak, and flat iron, which are typically sold at a higher value for steaks and not included in ground beef.

Product Facts:

  • Exclusively for AmazonFresh
  • Made from high-quality American Wagyu beef.
  • Raised on a ranch in California.
  • A blend of premium cuts including brisket, skirt steak, and flat iron.
  • 80% lean / 20% fat. Previously frozen to preserve freshness. Arrives to you ready-to-cook.
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