Carapelli - 100% Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 33.8 FL OZ - 1L

Bottled in Florence, Italy, Carapelli Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a well-balanced blend of Mediterranean olive oils made from the first pressing of the entire olive. The robust cold-extracted oil possesses a vibrant aroma, rich texture, and beautiful yellow-green color. Our unfiltered oil is stronger and spicier than your typical extra virgin olive oil. Notes of fruit and almond and pleasantly spicy finish make it a perfect companion to robust foods like beef, lamb and hearty greens.

It has a remarkably intense olive flavor with notes of fruit, almond and finishes with a pleasant spiciness.

Taste: Fresh olives with a Nutty, Peppery, with a Bitter aftertaste

Aroma: Vibrant and Spicy with a hint of Apple

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