Ponce De Leon Manchego D.O.P, 8 oz

Product Description:

  • Although Manchego production is regulated, the guidelines are broad enough that a cheeses's final flavor and texture span a huge range. All Manchego must be produced from the milk of the Manchega sheep and has a braided basket-weave imprint in the wax rind (which isn't recommended for eating).
  • Manchego can be aged from sixty days to fourteen or more months; rinds may be treated with wax or other protective substances; milk can be raw or pasteurized; production can be automated or handmade. The upshot is this: Manchego is rarely offensive.
  • It's usually quite approachable and snackable; and with increased age comes increased piquancy, spice, and granularity. Ponde de Leon Manchego has a sweet, candied undertone that contributes to its popularity.
  • Manchego is classicly paired with quince paste but can also be shaved over salads or vegetables. Ponce de Leon Manchego is gluten-free.
  • Dense and firm with a pleasantly salty flavor and butterscotchy finish. Pair with quince paste


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