Rio Briati Italian Style Asiago Wedge, 5 oz

Product Description:

Asiago cheese is among the most commonly used Italian cheeses. Its texture is firm and grate-able, like a Parmesan and while its flavour is sweet and nutty at first, there is a lingering sharpness on the finish that makes Asiago a more powerful addition to a variety of dishes, from pasta to salads to soups. Because Asiago is not aged as long as Parmesan and isn't as dry or hard it is also an option for melting on burgers or baked pasta. Rio Briati Asiago is made with vegetarian rennet and is always gluten-free.

  • Hundreds OF uses around the home - use for crafting & decorating projects such as creating ghosts and cobwebs for Halloween, quick curtains for events and playhouses, and making attractive table centrepieces.
  • Makes cleaning easier- It's lint free so it's easier to clean mirrors, polish Silver, dust and refinish furniture & detail automobiles.
  • Firm and grate-able - with a sweet and nutty flavour that finishes with a lingering sharpness
  • Grate or shave - over pasta, salad, soups or roasted or steamed vegetables
  • High-grade tight weave - ideal for basting turkey and poultry, straining soups and sauces, steaming vegetables. Also great for making cheese and yogurt, pressing tofu, making nut milk and kombucha.


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